Location of Valgesalu

Valgesalu is an idyllic location for your future home. 

If you have been looking for a new home in a naturally beautiful and soothing environment, you have come to the right page. 

A unique living environment is being developed by the Audru River, just a kilometre from Valgeranna. Valgesalu will undoubtedly be one of the most special residential districts of high cultural and environmental value. You can enjoy sports, leisure activities and the relaxing effect of nature here at every opportunity.

The proximity of water is not only visually satisfactory. There is a public boat dock in the river where residents can keep their boats. If you wish, you can drive a boat along the river or head straight to the sea. In Valgesalu, a lot of emphasis has been put on greenery, and on public sports and leisure areas. In addition, a boatable artificial lake with an area of ​​about 9000 m2 will be built in the middle of the planning area. Of course, it is impossible not to mention Valgeranna Beach and the possibility to spend time by the sea, which is close to Valgesalu.

Plot sizes by the river are between 3600-4400 m2, in areas adjacent to the artificial lake between 2200-3000 m2, and a little further more than 1500 m2. Access to Valgesalu residential district is provided through a small borough named Audru by Luige Road.

Location of VALGESALU

The planning area is located in the small borough of Audru. The real property is adjacent to residential land in densely populated area to the west, and profit yielding land in low density area to the north and east. Audru River is to the south of the real property, and there is a well-maintained golf course on the other side of the river. The planning area is approximately 8 km from the county seat Pärnu and 2 km from the parish seat Audru. The national road running near the planning area is connected to the public transportation network in Pärnu County. The nearest bus stop is about 1 km away. 

The closest social infrastructure assets are a shopping centre on the border of Pärnu City and Audru Parish (5 km), kindergarten in the small borough of Audru (2.5 km), nearest local government primary/basic school and medical care in Audru (2km). Larger cultural events and hobby groups in the small borough of Audru and in Pärnu City. The area is suitable for developing a high quality living environment. Fresh air, proximity to the county seat, national road, and social infrastructure favour this. In the vicinity you can find Valgeranna Beach is with its approximately 5 km long sandy beach, a golf course, a disc golf course, an adventure park, illuminated health and ski trails, Audru road racing circuit and other facilities for an active lifestyle and a healthy environment.

At the end of 2016, the merger agreement between Audru and Paikuse Parish and the City of Pärnu was approved at a municipal council session and it was decided to apply for an alteration of administrative-territorial organization, according to which the name of the new local government is Pärnu City.

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