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Sales and additional information

The contract price includes

Electric, water/sewer connections, access roads to surfaced road, street lighting, and earthworks for grading the area under the house. The residential area will have a boat dock for accessing the Audru River, a large artificial lake with a public beach, children’s playgrounds, sports grounds and light traffic roads.

Contract under the law of obligations

A notarised sales contract under the law of obligations will be concluded with the buyer, in which all details of the transaction will be agreed on.

Real right contract

Once the development has been completed, a notarised real right contract will be concluded.


The piping system of Audru water supply network and sewerage is located near the planning area on Luige Road. The planning area will be connected to water piping system De110 of Audru through Raksipõllu property. The nearest power supply substations are Kirbu substation on Golfitalli property and Kivi substation on Kivimaa property. New substations will be built by Eesti Energia, and the plots will receive electricity supply at kilowatt hour rate.


Valgesalu, Audru, Pärnumaa
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